The client was looking to increase her online presence with a brand new website to promote her business as a cruise broker. Upon the request of the client, we started the design process by creating a number of logo concepts. The final logo of choice includes a ship's wheel, which appears as a prominent icon on the website.

The website contains pages of helpful information, which clearly present various cruise deals and valuable tips for a successful getaway. The most recent addition to the website is the customised blog, The Cruise Review, as well as an email subscription form and a Facebook social plugin.

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The Cruise Broker screenshot

I knew a website was the right medium to launch the Cruise Broker brand but I had no understanding of the possibilities to reach the market. We have had a number of analysis sessions looking at ways to improve the site visits and generate further sales. In the first 3 months, the site generated more than 75K in additional sales from outside this region, which, when weighed up with the costs to date and the time I have saved, has been money well spent. I appreciate Tom and Jen's enthusiasm and perseverance, it has made the process a lot easier. ~ Lee Johns